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Please accept our deepest sympathies and, on behalf of the staff of A PLUS Cremation, thank you in advance for allowing us to care for your loved one and family. It is an honor and a privilege to serve your family and be entrusted with the care and sheltering of your loved ones.

How can we help?

A loved one has passed away. 

A loved one may pass away soon.

I'm planning for the future.

#1 Direct Cremation Service in Texas

$1,695 Same Low Price
for Pre-Need or At-Need Services. 

We offer the same low price for pre-need (pre-arranged) or immediate-need services. We offer the best quality service for the price in the entire state of Texas. A PLUS Cremation currently serves the Austin and Dallas Fort Worth Areas, San Antonio, and all surrounding counties. 


Funeral urns can be customized with engravings of names, date of birth and date of death. They come in a number of shapes and styles to fit any décor.

Blinding Diamonds

Diamonds From Ashes


Design a diamond that uniquely tells your loved one’s story. Choose a color that reminds you of their eyes or that represents their one-in-a-million personality. As the final touch, their name will be engraved on the diamond’s edge.

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