Affordable Cremation Services

Updated: Jul 2

Finding affordable cremation services in your local area can be a difficult task. Some funeral homes offer low prices, but they are often not within the same proximity as you would like. Others may offer more reasonable rates, but their quality of service is lacking. This blog post will explore how to find an affordable cremation service and what questions to ask before making a decision on who to use.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by cremation prices. However, if you know what questions to ask and how much of your time it will take research all the funeral homes in your area, then you can select an affordable service that will suit your needs.

A great way to find services is using your local Funeral Consumer Alliance. A Plus Cremation is a proud member of the Funeral Consumer Alliance Central Texas.

Ask if cremation is included in the price or not. This will affect what you have to pay for and can be as little as $1,195.

Be sure it includes all of your needs - Like transportation to a licensed climate controlled shelter facility, Procurement of the death certificate and disposition permit, Cremation process, Temporary container for cremated remains, Availability of cremated remains for return to the family.

At A Plus Cremation we are known for our excellent services and our reasonable pricing. Call us any time on our 24/7 line 512-221-0603

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