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Cremation is quickly becoming a popular choice for Americans when preparing for their own final arrangements or arrangements for a loved one. Cremation (much like traditional burials) is another way to prepare a loved one’s remains for memorialization. It’s also important to remember cremation does not replace the tradition of a wake or funeral in memory of your loved one – you can still have a wonderful service to celebrate your loved one’s life.


Cremation is more environmentally friendly - Did you know that traditional American funerals use 30 million board feet of wood for caskets, 90,000 tons of steel, 1.6 million tons of concrete and 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid per year? Cremation on the hand offers much greener options. For those who want to have their loved one’s remains buried, burial and biodegradable urns are available in many styles and colors. Cremation is also a much more affordable option across the board, especially for older Americans living on a fixed income. Traditional burial costs have risen over 800% in the last 50 years, meaning the average cost for a traditional burial is around $7,000, while cremation costs have continue to remain low over the years.



Cremation offers more customization - Memorializing your loved one’s memory with cremation does not mean you have to scatter ashes. You can create a custom urn and celebrate their life in many ways anytime you wish. Order an Urn Pendant Necklace  containing a small portion of your loved one’s remains to carry with you wherever you go. Or, A PLUS has partnered with Eterneva, where you can send a portion of their remains to create diamonds set in jewelry. The possibilities are endless.


You can take your loved one with you - You are no longer limited to a burial plot in a certain cemetery in order to visit your loved one. This gives many families the peace of mind they need when considering a move to another state or even around the world, making cremation a great option for military families or families with employment that requires frequent moves.



With the endless options and low cost, cremation can be the best choice among families who want peace of mind when planning final arrangements for their loved one. Let A Plus Cremation show you the possibilities by giving us a call at 

(512) 221-0603.

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