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Please accept our deepest sympathies and, on behalf of the staff of A PLUS Cremation, thank you in advance for allowing us to care for your loved one and family. It is an honor and a privilege serving your family and entrusting us with the care and sheltering of your loved ones.

Request Service

Please fill in all the required steps and one of our representatives will contact you to proceed.

Does your love one have a pre-arranged service with A-Plus Cremation
Services Needed

Our Process 

We know during this tough time it can be overwhelming. Our team of professionals is here to make it as simple as possible. 

The required documentation will be emailed to you to the provided email for your signatures.

Our professionals will come to bring your loved one into our care.

You will be kept informed throughout the whole process.

Once the cremation process has been performed, we will contact you to schedule a day and time for the release of ashes + death certificates. 

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